Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kristina Morales Debuts at Fritzel's

Our favorite Jazz performers, Kristina Morales with the Bayou Shufflers debuted last night at Fritzel's European Jazz Pub,  the home of traditional New Orleans Jazz.

Kristina Morales who has a voice of an angel is actually performing in one of our favorite jazz places, you can never get a better deal than that!

Kristina Morales is not your usual Jazz singer.    She  has a pure,  clear,  trained voice with  sweet and passionate quality.    She has a wide vocal  range and is a very versatile singer.  Her voice could convey sadness, naughtiness, gaiety,  good-hearted teasing, even  fairy tale-like quality.  She  sings equally great  in English, Spanish, French and who knows what more. 

Here's Kristina Morales and the Bayou Shufflers  with their rendition of Jezebel:

Cuban Love Song by Kristina Morales and the Bayou Shufflers:

La Vie En Rose, my favorite,  by Kristina Morales and the Bayou Shufflers:

Kristina Morales is a native of New Orleans,  who grew up in French Quarter. Her parents own the restaurant, Tio Pepe's.  She was exposed to cultural and sophisticated music at an early age.  She has classical music as her background,  from The Boston Conservatory.

"In Boston, she explored and nurtured the variety of vocal colors available to her gift and collaborated with an array of musicians from The Boston Conservatory and the Berklee School of Music in genres of jazz, r&b, pop, hip hop, world and folk. Surrounded by young, inspiring artists and musicians all over Boston, Kristina’s creativity flourished but her thirst for knowledge remained insatiable. After graduation, Kristina returned home to New Orleans in order to help with the musical and theatrical rebirth of the city." Source:

Her facebook page aptly describes her:
"a fluid vocal talent, shape-shifting from the calling of a brassy siren to the alluring waves a a softer songstress, an ocean of color and tone at her feet."                 

This is Kristina Morales's  site where you could sample her music.  It's a totally different experience listening to her in person, though.  She is a  compleat performer, and every gig she does with the Bayou Shufflers is a musical treat.

Last night at Fritzel's we heard again our favorite jazz music from the group - Louisiana Fairy Tale. You, Rascal You, Everybody Loves my Baby,  etc.  Sorry, can't remember many of them. 

Kristina Morales and the Bayou Shufflers also perform at the Spotted Cat, Circle, The Columns Hotel, Vaso Lounge, Circle Bar, Yuki, etc.  This  site have more samples of  Kristina Morales's music.

Kristina also charmingly autographs her CD. Here's mine:

The venue,  Fritzel's is a heavyweight as regards  Jazz musicians,.  Several bands take turn performing in this jazz bar starting from 1 PM to 2 AM.

At Fritzel's,  people from all over the world watch and enjoy jazz musicians.  Fritzel's attracts European tourists by its name, although their numbers are equalled by the Americans tourists and local New Orleanians.  There are also regular sprinkling of  Asians and Middle Eastern music lovers.  Last night, Fritzel's was packed with such an audience.   As usual, the audience was mesmerized with the band's performance.

Enter this Fritzel's  site for a sample of their wonderful music.

Back to Kristina Morales and the Bayou Shufflers:  They are kickstarting a debut album, The Bayou Shufflers Debut Album.  Kristina Morales encourages everyone, "The Bayou Shufflers are putting out an album but we need YOUR help to finish it! Please consider contributing to our kickstarter. For $10 you'll receive a digital copy of the album and rewards go up from there!

Thanks in advance!! xo"

Kristina Morales and the Bayou Shufflers are definitely going places, let's support their debut album, AND catch them in New Orleans while you can.


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