Tuesday, May 17, 2016

20 Questions To Shelita Who Kept Her Weight Off For Good

Losing weight, that's our life-long goal, right?  I have tried crash diets, have tried altering my lifestyle, have tried eating only those food compatible to my blood type, etc.  Have tried it all.  Yes, sure, I've lost weight, but how do I keep the weight?

Shelita, who at one time was 300 lbs. heavy, gives us tips on how to keep the lbs. off for good.

Below, she answered my 20 Questions:

1.    What is your full name?  Shelita Maria Martinez Prograis
2.    When is your birthday? Novermber 16, 1968
3.    Where were yoou born?  New Orleans, La.

4.    At what age did you start gaining more than your ideal weight?  13 years old.
5.    What is your heaviest weight, time period?  300 lbs.+, during my early 30s

6.   What made you decide to lose weight?  Health and appearance.
7.    What is the biggest factor on your weight loss?  How long did it take you from being obese to having normal weight?  My son being a Personal Trainer, 10 years.
8.    What is your target weight?  150 lbs.
9.    Do you exercise regularly?  If yes, how often?  Yes, at least 4 times a week.

10.  What is your exercise regimen?  90-minute treadmill walk, 60 minutes in elliptical machine
11.  Do you like to dance, and what kind if dance?  Yes.  Salsa and Zumba
12.  Do exercise with weights, how much?  Yes, very light - 10 to 15 lbs.

13.  Have you done skinny-dipping, are yiou comfortable being nude?  NO, hell no!  Lol :D
14.  Do you drink, and if yes, how often?  Occasionally.

15.  Do you smoke, and if yes, how many a day? No.
16.  Have you ever been in physical fight?  No.

17.  Have you ever cheated in a relationship.   Yes.
18.  Have you been cheated on?  Yes
19.  Have you had a one-night-stand?  How many and do you regret any of them?  Yes, once and no regrets.
20.  What advice can you give to those who have weight problems?

  • Get serious.
  • Get focused.
  • Set a realistic goal on a realistic time frame.
  • Monitor your food intake.
  • Practice portion control.
  • Learn to love exercise :)
  • Don't eat after 7 PM, five days a week!!!

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