Friday, April 19, 2013

UNO Jazz

Have you been to the UNO  Jazz at the Sandbar?  UNO, as in University of New Orleans, my dears.  That's one of our new favorite places for jazz.  We go regularly at the Spotted Cat, Maison, Fritzel's, Palm Court, Preservation Hall, etc.,  but there's nothing like jazz at the UNO Lakefront Campus.  For one, we are always assured of good seats; two, there is always a good table waiting for us (one of the tables in front, just below the stage. Not that they reserved it for us, but I guess students have the habit of avoiding the front tables and seats);  three,  nobody gets out of hand being drunk; four, they have reasonably-priced good food and drinks, (yes, even beer and wine!), and last but not the least, the jazz is incredibly great, albeit mostly it's modern jazz and we have preference for the traditional jazz.  Jazz at the Sandbar happens every Wednesday.  They also invite famous musicians for their events, mostly music graduates of the university.  Do you know that the likes of Mark Braud, Gregory Agid, Danielle Wilson, Jamison Ross,  and I am sure many other famous musicians who I have not known yet, come from UNO?  

The last time we went, they had  singer Ms. Kate McGarry and guitarist Keith Ganz. Ms. Kate McGarry sure is a professional singer.  Her stage presence is strong, she mesmerized the audience. I particularly admire her scat singing, she is awesome!   Mr. Keith Ganz is passionate and produced emotionally-charged sounds.  Here they are in their rendition of Charade:

We were also treated to two groups of artists, one under the direction of Hank McKie and the other, under the direction of Steve Masakowski.  Both of these groups wowed the audience with their guitar sounds. The drummers were awesome, especially Matt Keegan.  His timing is impeccable,  he's a genius with drums. 
Here's their rendition of Besame Mucho:
It was fun watching these young musicians jam with each other,  oftentimes smiling at each other, in that way approving and complimenting each other's performance. 

We are grateful that UNO Jazz Studies Program opens its doors not only to all UNO students but also to  jazz enthusiasts like us.  We certainly love our Wednesday nights spent with your prodiguous music students! 

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